Saatzucht Steinach

Our Seed Production



Supplying seed is the only way to translate the advances in breeding in our varieties into agricultural practice. At the same time, sales revenues refinance the costs of breeding. This element of our business is therefore extremely important. Early breeding material is first of all multiplied on our farms. The seeds still requires special care and now and again a helping hand from the breeder. Later, it finds its way to one of our many multiplication contract partners and lastly to our wholesale customers.

We are able to provide on-site advice to our multiplication contract farms and production companies on request. We work with them to agree how our varieties will be cultivated and collect the first field data on new varieties together. Our cultivation advisers are active in the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft or DLG) working groups so that they are able to answer all questions from an expert standpoint.

Today we offer our customers a profitable range of forage and lawn grasses, legumes, green manures as well as specialised crops. On our Steinach’s breeding stations we test the varieties across a wide range of soil and climatic conditions and produce the basic seed. We then multiply the varieties further on our own 4500 ha of land. Valued business partners at home and abroad can have varieties that are produced to suit their own specific requirements and marketing strategies. We offer the possibility of producing „Steinach“ varieties under a license agreement, or we can organise seed production for you depending on your preference. This service is complimented with agronomic advice to ensure that the varieties are grown to their best ability.

The entire process from breeding, multiplication, processing and marketing is quality controlled internally and externally to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout. We develop a trusting relationship with wholesale and production companies through our hard work and conviction. This means we can assure that we will always deliver the finest quality seed to our customers and farmers.

Our Varieties