Saatzucht Steinach

Our Philosophy

Feld mit Storchen

Our Philosophy

Fertile soil is an essential requirement for life and the starting point for numerous food and value chains.

Soil plays a key role in agriculture and in particular in plant breeding. Soil is the foundation of our success.
Founded in 1920, the SAATZUCHT STEINACH has since then developed into a versatile company focusing on plant breeding, seed production and agriculture. Our breeding programs at Steinach and Bocksee are the heart of what we do. The Ballin site is the backbone of our agricultural production. Between these three centers, we organize our increasingly closed material cycles in breeding, seed production, crop production, and forestry.

Detailed observation and analysis, adaption to changes, development from experience and always having an eye on the future.

We want to be good in everything we do; so good that each of our sites ranks among the top 25 percent in its sector wherever possible. After all, customers and consumers have increasing demand for high quality products produced here in Germany. We do everything here, from start to finish: be it breeding, cultivation, production or distribution. In addition, every process undergoes a thorough internal and external quality management procedure. This is how we respond to a constantly changing market and environmental conditions such as increasing demand or dwindling resources. We always keep one eye on future developments because we are shaping tomorrow today.

Our Varieties